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Studio view: designs from learning code.

inkjet prints.

4" x 6" each


I began learning to code websites in 2014, and the process has informed my artwork. I created a series of pieces inspired by translating the code into visual language.

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yellow { 75%; }

gouache on bristol board.

17 x 21 in


Imagine a newspaper with three articles on the front page. Next, choose a color for the background, or the paper itself, and a color for the rectangular areas covered by each article. Selecting an article and declaring its position as “relative,” for example, will often place it above the other articles.

I would change the code and test it to see the rectangles move in relation to one another, sometimes including mnemonic clues in the code that referenced the colors. I began drawing with the shapes, and to my delight, the compositions took on the styles of Mid-20th Century American Abstract painting.

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Jessica Kincaid Beaded Textile

yellow { 75%; }

glass beads, thread.

5.5 x 5.5in


I learn best hands-on, and to this objective I began beading works in the same proportions as the patterns on the screen. I became a human emulator of the code, translating pixels into beads.