Dream Series

Dream Series

Beaded textiles inspired by dreams.



In the 2010 solo exhibition at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, I showed seven beaded textiles inspired by the scenery of my dreams and visions.


“With its combination of outsider art appeal, feminist domestic sensibility, and use of beadwork, Kincaid’s art hits a strong contemporary nerve.”

– Elisabeth Kirsch

Jessica Kincaid Beaded textile- Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth is a pivotal work for Kincaid; like all of her art, it is deeply personal, with the kind of unmanufactured charm that generally exists only in self-taught art… In actuality, her art has always been prescient.  

elisabeth kirsch, curator and art critic

“Heaven and Earth”

was inspired by a dream I had about Heaven when I was in my early teens. I dreamed I lived in a building where every person inhabited a white marble room. In my dream I had imagined what Heaven would be like. In my room I had nothing and I wanted nothing; I had no feeling of loneliness. I saw a city in which other souls were in rooms just like mine. When I saw photographs of the Potala Palace in Tibet, it reminded me of the dream. I worked on the portrait of the Potala for several years, never finding that it made sense with any series I was working on at the time.


When I read the book of Revelation, it also struck a chord. In the Bible, Heaven was described in a way that made sense to me:


Rev 21:4 “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”


I completed the piece using images from the book of Revelation, such as the Tree of Life and the fountains of the Waters of Life.

The Building with Hematite Windows


Jessica Kincaid Beaded Textile- The Building with Hematite Windows

glass beads, silk thread

19 x 16in



“Set back on an expanse of green lawn beneath a blue sky, it’s an inscrutable, formal-looking presence, with its myriad opaque windows that hide whatever goes on inside. It could be a temple, a laboratory, or an insane asylum, but it guards its secrets and manages to trigger a sense of paranoia.”
Alice Thorson, © 2010 Kansas City Star

Inner City Brigadoon

Jessica Kincaid Beaded Textile- "Inner City Brigadoon"

glass beads, thread

15 x 17in


““Inner City Brigadoon” is a vision of the American dream, with clean, sparkling little houses and trees. Adding a harming element of pattern, Kincaid stacks them in the manner of an old-fashioned sampler.”
Alice Thorson, © 2010 Kansas City Star


First Grade Self-Portraits

Jessica Kincaid beaded textile- "First Grade Self-Portraits"

glass beads, thread

14 x 17in



This is a picture of some classrooms in which I have assisted students. I briefly worked in the Turner school district where there was no visual art program, and I saw that the teachers worked hard to incorporate art projects into their lessons.


The children in this situation are listening to a story about a dinosaur, or working on puzzles at tables. We see their real faces in their self portraits displayed on the wall behind the teacher.


Perfume Counter

Jessica Kincaid beaded textile- "Perfume Counter"
glass beads, thread.
14 x 17in


Retail Theater

Jessica Kincaid beaded textile- "Retail Theater"
glass beads, thread.
15 x 18in

Climbing Inside The Tower









Jessica Kincaid beaded textile- "Climbing Inside The Tower"
glass beads, thread.
16 x 16in



























The Spirit is present while we are looking away

Jessica Kincaid beaded textile- "The Spirit is present while we are looking away"

glass beads, thread.

12 x 10.5in