Jessica Kincaid

Art & Design

Abstract Works

Overstimulation vs. The Future

  • glass beads, thread.

  • 7 x 10.5in

  • 2010

This piece describes a nervous push that accompanies the sensory bombardment we experience in our daily lives. It is crisis overload and we lose our compassion.

The lower portion of color consists of a pattern of bright and reflective beads that do not rest on one single color; the effect is both attractive and unsettling.

The metallic quality of beads in clashing colors represents our contemporary frenzied culture; the blue line is the sill on a window into the black area.

This black receding area is the future, the unknown, and the void where the viewer can rest one’s eyes in sleep.

The Crystal Chandelier

  • glass beads, thread.

  • 10.5 x 10.5in

  • 2012

The Sound of Snow

  • glass beads, thread.

  • 21 x 22 in

  • 2015